If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?

Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, and Harold Ramis. In that order. But I think Harold is dead so he might not pick up.. or maybe he will and he’s whats strange in the neighborhood 0_0

2 hours ago on 20 April 2014 ~ 12:21pm
S.H.I.E.L.D. or HYDRA?


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Do you ever actually read through other peoples twitter favorites?

Sure, if its someone I find interesting I will look at what their favs are. 

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2 days ago on 18 April 2014 ~ 12:35pm
If you were a real character in the Game Of Thrones, and could choose someone to have sex with, who would it be?

So many choices… Probably Cersei, I know she is evil but she is so very sexy!

3 days ago on 17 April 2014 ~ 10:34am 1 note
Where can I find/purchase passwords for your videos on your website?

You can buy them on Or message me on here without being anonymous to get info about other forms of payment. 

4 days ago on 16 April 2014 ~ 11:41am 3 notes
what is your favorite hockey team??

I honestly can’t say I have one =/

5 days ago on 15 April 2014 ~ 11:43am
favorite nude scene of Game of Thrones?

There are so many I can’t even remember them all. The sex scene with Rob Stark and Talisa was really hot and stands out in my head though.

6 days ago on 14 April 2014 ~ 12:25pm
Do you wish to start a family of your own someday?

I consider the amazing friends that I’ve made throughout my life a family of my own. But I think you are referring to having children, which I don’t ever see myself having. Adoption might be a possibility in a very distant future though. 

1 week ago on 13 April 2014 ~ 12:25pm
Metallica or Megadeth?

Metallica of course!!

1 week ago on 12 April 2014 ~ 7:27pm
Since you love Game of Thrones so much I was wondering if you have read the books?

I haven’t. I probably will read them once the show is over, but I don’t really want to read them before since I feel like they will take away from the excitement and suspense of the show. I don’t want to be waiting for certain things to happen or know they will happen ahead of time. 

1 week ago on 11 April 2014 ~ 6:11pm
Marvel or DC?

Marvel for sure!

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1 week ago on 10 April 2014 ~ 1:57pm
Do you sell any autographed photos?

I do! You can message me on here or mfc for more details =)

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1 week ago on 9 April 2014 ~ 10:44pm 1 note
Do you think hands-on sex education would be helpful?

I’m not sure what this would actually involve.  If you are asking if I think teachers having sex with students to teach them sex is a good idea then my answer is no. There are a lot better ways to properly teach sex ed. 

1 week ago on 8 April 2014 ~ 8:01pm
Would you share an intimate relationship with an alien species?

lol! that would depend on what alien species you are talking about =)

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1 week ago on 7 April 2014 ~ 10:18pm