Have you ever cut a member off from shows because they were being too clingy?

Only once or twice in my 5 years of caming. And that was due to them being extremely aggressive and clingy on mfc and off mfc with text messages and emails. 

6 hours ago on 1 October 2014 ~ 3:54pm
we should skip town someday :)

Who is “we”? And what town are “we” skipping because I might want to stop and buy a souvenir

2 days ago on 29 September 2014 ~ 7:21pm 4 notes
If there was a biopic film based on you, which actress would you choose to portray you?

Olivia Wilde

3 days ago on 28 September 2014 ~ 6:47pm 2 notes
Lacey, just read your response on the "give me free stuff" question. My background is in journalism and I've done a lot of work as a music journalist. So I can relate with people not wanting paying for newspapers and magazines -- as well as for music -- when they can get it for free by various means online. Both industries took a hit. I'm sure adult has taken one too. Best of luck and hope you win that contest too!

Thanks for your kind response and best wishes for the contest! I feel extremely bad for musicians and journalists too. If only people would realize that paying for things like music leads to those artists being able to produce more music they can enjoy. 

4 days ago on 27 September 2014 ~ 8:08pm 1 note
Will you ever release any free videos of you?

Not a full length video no. I already release enough free content. If you do something well there is no sense in doing that something for free. And this is whats wrong with the porn community. It is one of the few genres of entertainment where it is completely normal to expect massive amounts of content for free. Is your internet free? No. Was your computer free? No. When you go to watch a non adult movie at a theater or buy/rent one is it free? No. I also wonder if I showed up at your job(whatever it is) and asked you to do it for free how you would react to my question. I’m sure you would look at me like I was crazy. 

5 days ago on 26 September 2014 ~ 5:43pm 2 notes
Do you give away free content for fan made art of you?

I do if I like the art =)

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6 days ago on 25 September 2014 ~ 7:30pm
If you could drop everything and travel, where would you go, why?

Australia, because it seems like an amazing place to visit and its far away from America =)

1 week ago on 24 September 2014 ~ 6:18pm 2 notes
Are there any TV series you would recommend in a "binge-watching" capacity?

Game of Thrones if you haven’t seen it. Easily the best show ever on television. 

1 week ago on 23 September 2014 ~ 5:43pm 4 notes
1 week ago on 22 September 2014 ~ 6:55pm 22 notes
Will you buy a PlayStation 4 because I have a PlayStation 4 and I would like to play with you?

I don’t have any plans to buy one. You could buy an Xbox One though =)

1 week ago on 22 September 2014 ~ 5:39pm
Are you good at financial domination?

I’m very good at it =)

1 week ago on 21 September 2014 ~ 5:12pm
Hi Lacey! I would like to know, what can I do to get your attention?

You have my attention right now. 

1 week ago on 20 September 2014 ~ 4:49pm
Any plans on getting more tattoos?

I have plans to get the ones I have touched up but no plans for any new ones. 

1 week ago on 19 September 2014 ~ 3:50pm
How old is the oldest guy or girl you've ever fucked?

I believe they were 36.

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1 week ago on 18 September 2014 ~ 4:11pm
When a guy fucks your ass does it make you feel more submissive than normal sex?

Depends on the guy, but generally speaking I would say thats accurate. 

2 weeks ago on 17 September 2014 ~ 2:17pm