Hi Lacey, I asked you once before about Exxxotica. I've been to two of their shows ever -- both within the past year. MFC has a booth. Any idea how they select the girls who appear at their booth? Have they ever asked you about going to represent them? They totally should. If you have any interest in making appearances whatsoever, is there any way I can reach out to MFC to ask them to bring you to a convention? Thanks for your time!

Any model can appear at their booth, they just have to email and ask for a pass. I have never emailed them and asked because I’m normally pretty busy during the time the conventions are held. Thank you for your support though! Maybe I will make it to one sometime in the future. 

23 hours ago on 29 August 2014 ~ 6:22pm
Wow you are hot, you should be a playboy model. What are your measurements?

Thank you! Mine are 36-25-36

1 day ago on 28 August 2014 ~ 8:24pm
Prefer to suck cock or lick pussy?

Depends on my mood and what I’m craving. I am truly bisexual and enjoy both, so I don’t have a general preference of one over the other.  

2 days ago on 27 August 2014 ~ 7:10pm 2 notes
Do any fans ever notice/recognize you in public?

Not that I’m aware of. If they have they were respectful and didn’t say anything to me. 

5 days ago on 25 August 2014 ~ 4:06pm
Do you think "lovemaking" sex comes off as too cheesy?

Not always, it depends on the situation and the person saying it. There are different types of sex for different situations. 

6 days ago on 24 August 2014 ~ 3:50pm
6 days ago on 23 August 2014 ~ 11:19pm 20 notes
Do you have foot fetish?

I don’t have a foot fetish myself but I can see why someone would. And I do appreciate sexy feet when women have them.

1 week ago on 23 August 2014 ~ 5:13pm
Do you think it would be creepy to tell a friend she looks like a porn star?

Depends how close you are to the friend. But yes, it could come off creepy if you are like “hey I was masturbating to this porn star and then I thought about how much she looked like you”

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1 week ago on 22 August 2014 ~ 5:28pm 4 notes
Have you ever got turned down sexually by a guy or girl?

Believe it or not I have =(

1 week ago on 21 August 2014 ~ 6:43pm 2 notes
Would you mind having a dog as a pet?

No I wouldn’t mind, but it would depend on the dog. And I luv all animals but I do prefer owning cats.

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1 week ago on 20 August 2014 ~ 5:59pm
Hi lacey what is your busty size?

34 C/D depending on the Bra

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1 week ago on 19 August 2014 ~ 5:57pm 1 note
You said " It's sad that some people can be so dumb and selfish. Even after you give them the world it's not enough for them to reciprocate kindness" via Twitter. Just want you to know I think you're awesome. Sorry to hear someone's a jackass.

Thank you <3. I’m sorry that some people are that way =/

1 week ago on 18 August 2014 ~ 6:04pm 1 note
Hello Lacey, it's not really a "ask me" thing. I just wanted to thank you for some things you made me feel tonight here at some other side of the world. I'm in a quite difficult break up situation, the one you don't understand at all for quite a long time... i was feeling weird tonight so i was hanging out on the internet, i've listened the songs of the day "Rains-Pressure" and "Staind-Throw it All Away" And guess what, they meant REALLY a lot for my life right now. It's coincidence but thanks..

Aw, I’m sorry for what you are going through. Break ups can be super difficult if you can’t find closure because you don’t understand why it’s even happening. I’m glad my songs of the day could at least help you cope with the pain and confusion you are going through. I hope life gets better for you xox

1 week ago on 17 August 2014 ~ 7:12pm 1 note
What is the best pickup line or icebreaker you have heard that actually would work?

None, pickup lines do not work on me(or most women). Just be nice, say hello and introduce yourself.

1 week ago on 16 August 2014 ~ 6:28pm 4 notes
What's the hardest part of working on myfreecams?

The hardest part is probably always being in a good mood. As an entertainer it’s my job to cheer people up and make them happy, not bring them down. Unfortunately life isn’t always cheerful so there are some days when I have to put personal things going on aside, and it can be difficult. 

2 weeks ago on 15 August 2014 ~ 5:43pm 4 notes