sexting or phone sex?

Depends on the person but generally sexting. 

10 hours ago on 29 July 2014 ~ 6:37pm
Did you have sex in high school?

I did with a few people.

1 day ago on 28 July 2014 ~ 7:37pm
How do you feel about daddy dom/little girl roleplaying?

Not my thing at all. If anything it creeps me out. 

2 days ago on 27 July 2014 ~ 7:55pm
do you believe in astrological signs?

Not really. Would be kinda dumb to be an atheist but believe in astrology.

3 days ago on 26 July 2014 ~ 4:49pm 1 note
If you weren't a cam model would you still own as many lingerie / bra, panty sets as you do now? Would you still own all your sex toys or as many?

I would still own most of the lingerie I have, but I probably wouldn’t own as many sex toys. 

4 days ago on 25 July 2014 ~ 4:44pm
do you think its smart to take my gf back if she cheated on me?

I wouldn’t say it’s “smart” since it’s hard to trust someone after they lie to you, but if you really love her and think she learned from her mistake then it’s worth taking the risk. Everyone makes mistakes but it can be really hard to find someone that you truly love and that loves you back. 

5 days ago on 24 July 2014 ~ 7:15pm
Hey lacey im a huge fan what is your favorite sort of panties and colour

I don’t really wear panties off cam but I do like purple thongs a lot

6 days ago on 23 July 2014 ~ 5:47pm 1 note
If you could have sex with any porn star who would it be?

Either Tori Black or Juelz Ventura. 

1 week ago on 22 July 2014 ~ 5:32pm 3 notes
are you into rough sex?

Of course! Do you know who you are asking this to? =P

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1 week ago on 21 July 2014 ~ 2:16pm 2 notes
1 week ago on 20 July 2014 ~ 3:27pm 15 notes
If someone got you tattooed on them would you give them free stuff from your website?

lol sure, if they sent me proof I would give them a free video or something.

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1 week ago on 20 July 2014 ~ 2:21pm
Are you pro-choice or pro-life?

Pro-choice. And I can’t stand it being called “pro-life”, it suggests that being pro-choice means you are anti life which is ridiculous. You could say I’m pro-choice and pro-children growing up in a safe environment where they can be properly provided for and raised. Lets rename “pro-life” to “pro-telling others what to do with their body and future based off of outdated religious beliefs”. It’s a little long but a lot more accurate =) 

1 week ago on 19 July 2014 ~ 4:34pm 2 notes
Have you ever thought about getting your nipples pierced?

I get asked this so much. I’m guessing you guys think I would look good with them done.  Previous Answer

1 week ago on 18 July 2014 ~ 5:47pm
If your giving a blowjob, can you tell when the guy is about to cum?

I can =)

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1 week ago on 17 July 2014 ~ 3:54pm 3 notes
Hi Lacey! Are you really single??Can't believe;)!

I’m really single. Believe!

1 week ago on 16 July 2014 ~ 3:16pm 1 note