Hi Lacey! I would like to know, what can I do to get your attention?

You have my attention right now. 

15 hours ago on 20 September 2014 ~ 4:49pm
Any plans on getting more tattoos?

I have plans to get the ones I have touched up but no plans for any new ones. 

1 day ago on 19 September 2014 ~ 3:50pm
How old is the oldest guy or girl you've ever fucked?

I believe they were 36.

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2 days ago on 18 September 2014 ~ 4:11pm
When a guy fucks your ass does it make you feel more submissive than normal sex?

Depends on the guy, but generally speaking I would say thats accurate. 

3 days ago on 17 September 2014 ~ 2:17pm
4 days ago on 16 September 2014 ~ 9:08pm 10 notes
Hi Lacey! q since I met you in myfreecam, started to enter the site every day just to see you and I've become a big fan of yours! and I want to tell you you're beautiful inside and out!, regarding the question to ask, you ever been in love?

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy my company that much. To answer your question, yes I have been in Love. 

4 days ago on 16 September 2014 ~ 3:20pm 1 note
Hey! I'm thinking about moving abroad to find a job, your city it is a possibility, but I wanna know if you could help me, could you? Renting one of your rooms would be fine :)

Sure! I let every anonymous person move in with me if they ask. Now if you’ll excuse me I have an appointment to be murdered at 4. 

5 days ago on 15 September 2014 ~ 2:49pm 3 notes
Since you seem like a big gamer have you ever thought about streaming on twitch?

I would maybe do it one day. I have thought about it before, but it seems pretty difficult to stay entertaining while concentrating on a game. I give a lot of props to people that do it well. 

6 days ago on 14 September 2014 ~ 1:17pm
What´s the strangest thing you´ve masturbated to?

This Question =P

1 week ago on 13 September 2014 ~ 3:46pm 4 notes
Hi Lacey, what´s your opinion about FootLovers? Is it creepy to you?

I don’t think its creepy at all. I completely understand how some people think certain feet are beautiful and sexy. 

1 week ago on 12 September 2014 ~ 1:59pm 1 note
Do you have any particular favorite comic book prints?

I don’t read comics as much as I wish I could, but The Maximum Carnage series is one of my favorites. 

1 week ago on 11 September 2014 ~ 11:56am
What is your (in your opinion) sexiest outfit you wear (or want to)?

Sexiest outfit to me is probably a lacy bra and panty set with a garter belt and stockings. 

1 week ago on 10 September 2014 ~ 3:10pm
Would you have sex with Megan Fox?

Um, yeah. When is this happening? 

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1 week ago on 9 September 2014 ~ 11:19am 3 notes
You seem like you are into cars. Do you know how to change your own oil?

I do =)

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1 week ago on 8 September 2014 ~ 12:51pm
Do you believe in marriage?

I believe in love but not really in marriage. I think its an outdated tradition that has become more about companies making money than about committing to someone. I know couples that are married and aren’t loyal or committed to each other at all, and I also know couples that aren’t married but are super loyal, committed and in love. So really I don’t feel couples need a piece of paper to define their love for one another.  

1 week ago on 7 September 2014 ~ 9:35am 4 notes